salt legacy

Any living organism’s essential substance salt’s history goes as back as to the history of the earth. Primarily existed to preserve food and in time revolved into many other uses in different areas. Today from leader work to livestock, from pharmacology to textile, salt has become indispensible for many industries.

First salt production is thought to be made by Egyptians in the shores of the Nile River, by evaporating the salty water. Upon the discovery of the importance of it, salt helped many small towns to evolve into metropolitans. Venice owns its richness to salt trade.

The tax for salt in China, Rome, France, Venice and in many other parts of the world, also proves the importance of salt in social and commercial life. In Turkey, upon near past, salt production has been under government supervision.

Relevant to its important role in the history, salt has been called as WHITE GOLD in the history. In Rome, salt was used as a payment instrument and soldiers were paid by salt. This is the reason English called payment “salary” originated from “salt”.

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